Palak Jain

Palak Jain, a Facilitator at SHARAN, is an artist and has worked as a commercial artist, art educator and is currently working as a graphic designer in Ahmedabad.

Palak was a vegetarian and had already removed dairy products from her diet since 2 years. On a regular visit to the market, she had a fainting spell. Her doctor diagnosed it as hypertension and told her she would have to take medications for it, every day for the rest of her life.

She was not convinced about taking medicines for a lifetime and started searching for alternative and lasting solutions. She came across SHARAN, and attended a one-day seminar in Jan 2020 by Dr Nandita Shah, ‘Reversing diabetes and hypertension’ in Mumbai.

After the seminar, she started making more healthy changes in her diet. Her husband and two teenaged children supported her and got on board. Soon, the entire family began to see the benefits of following the SHARAN lifestyle.

Palak loves to cook and has started converting all her favorite recipes into WFPB. She has a special interest in coming up with gluten-free options for several recipes.

She has done SHARAN’s ‘Whole Food Plant-based Nutrition Facilitator Training’ in Jan 2021 and is now taking cooking classes.

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