Nidhi Nahata

When Nidhi Nahata joined SHARAN’s 21-day Health Retreat in June 2016, little did she know that her whole life was about to change! By the end of the program she was transformed and wanted the same for everyone. Being a psychotherapist practitioner and a counsellor by profession she could see the immense changes in both mind and body. When she shared with others, she saw that people around her were easily inspired too.

In order to share her learnings with others, Nidhi opened a fabulous café, JustBe, in Bengaluru’s prime Sadashiv Nagar – a place where she holds talks, events and serves delicious vegan food.

Being a passionate Health Coach with a grave purpose, she is gratified to have found the right means to fuel this philosophy and inspire others to become aware of a healthy, happy and above all compassionate lifestyle. Nidhi now conducts talks and cooking sessions for SHARAN.