Madhura Vayal

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Madhura is a qualified nutritionist with a keen interest in plant-based nutrition. She has just completed her certification in Plant Based Diet from eCornell University, New York. Before she was working in India as a dietician for 5 years and then had moved base to US and pursued her Masters in Nutritional Sciences from University of Kentucky where she specialized in effects of a high fat diet on cardiovascular disorders and diabetes and published her work (

Her personal health issues along with the health of her husband led her to explore a plant based lifestyle which is oil as well as refined sugar free. Madhura is a full time homemaker with two beautiful young kids. She counsels people on a plant based lifestyle as well as hosts a blog called Simply Vegan ( and maintains a Facebook page for the same ( She has also introduced a line of vegan flavoured cakes and muffins for sale in Bangalore which are made from whole foods and are oil and refined sugar free.

Madhura believes that our health is the best investment and the more we invest more in ourselves, the higher the returns. By making the right choices, you feel healthy and buoyant.

Madhura’s personal journey


Madhura started putting on weight after an emergency appendectomy in her mid-teens which had her on bed rest and minimal activity. She also suffered from allergies and migraines. All conventional treatments were not producing results. In 2006, she suffered a stroke due to sudden rise in blood pressure which left her paralyzed in the left side at the age of 25 because of her being obese. Doctors had given up hope of her survival but just a few diet modifications, exercise and medical treatment got her back on her feet albeit not fully recovered.

Weakness in the left side along with tremors were making everyday activities tiresome. After her marriage and 2 kids, the weight was back, migraines were excruciating and she did not have the energy to run her household. Her own and her husband’s annual medical checkup with elevated cholesterol levels was a wakeup call and she was determined to not let history repeat itself. The documentary Forks Over Knives was instrumental in the family’s adopting a 100% plant based lifestyle. Within a month she had dropped 4 kg, her allergies had gone, migraines were under control and she regained energy. A year on she has lost 26 kgs and all her health issues are gone.

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