Madhavi Barot

Madhavi Barot was born in a vegetarian family. Despite never having consumed meat, ever since she can remember, she was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, frozen shoulder and an overall lack of energy. With age she had to also deal with menopause related issues. No medical support was able to turn her lifestyle around until one Sunday when she visited the Juhu Organic Farmers Market, where she was introduced to SHARAN.

She attended the Six Weeks to Health & Weight Loss program and experienced something that she hadn’t witnessed since a long time. Within the first week of the workshop, she started losing weight and most of her body aches disappeared! Slowly and steadily all her earlier health issues literally vanished. This along with theĀ  documentary Earthlings, encouraged her to empower others too. She also shared the knowledge with her cooks and taught them the new and exciting ways of cooking that SHARAN recommends.

Veganism has given Madhavi a new sense of purpose in her life. Now she along with her cooks conducts cooking workshops with SHARAN across the city. She also sells her home-made tofu at the Farmers markets to support those on the journey. In fact the Vegan diet has made her so self-sufficient that she can even cook when her cooks are not around, because it is so simple!