Kommal Shah

Kommal has been a freelance graphic designer and an architectural animator for 15 years now with a keen interest in yoga and spiritual sciences.

As luck would have it, she and Dr. Nandita occupied the same table at an open cafe in Ahimsa Fest, Mumbai. Kommal was pleasantly surprised with all the visitors who would walk up to Dr Shah, share their dietary lifestyles and ask queries, which is when Kommal realised that she is sitting next to some celebrity of sorts (of the healthy food world). Reaching back home, she jumped to her laptop, looked up for Dr. Nandita, ended up on SHARAN’s website, poured over its contents and hardly slept that night. Her epiphany came from a mix of sadness and guilt as to how insensitive she had been all her life particularly to the cow and the environment, so what if it was unknowingly.

She went on the whole-plant-based the very next morning and hasn’t looked back ever since. She always had an aversion to ingesting allopathic medicines and so she naturally felt aligned with the concept of a healthy diet making medicines redundant. She shed 8 kgs of excess weight in a year and has almost reversed her hypo-thyroid.

She now enjoys cooking whole-plant-based delicacies for herself and her family. And she happily partakes of her enthusiasm and knowledge with one and all by helping out at the Powai Farmers Markets and conducting cooking classes and facilitating the Six weeks to Health Gain and Weight Loss program too.

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