Dr Sunil Khandwala

Dr. Sunil Khandwala is an Anaesthesiologist practising since 30 years. He studied at KEM Hospital, Mumbai. He believes in nature’s wisdom and abundance, and having a simple lifestyle.

Despite a perfect weight, a thin and lean look, his abdominal fat was very high and could not be addressed with a traditional diet. After attending Dr. Nandita Shah’s Reversing Diabetes and Hypertension Seminar and adopting a whole plant based lifestyle, this abdominal fat level came back to normal in just 6 weeks.

As an anesthetist, he has seen multiple diseases in the operation theatre. So many of these are preventable and reversible. He would like to teach every individual about prevention and treat lifestyle disorders the simple, natural and compassionate way – the way of SHARAN – filled with abundance and contentment. He now conducts doctors consultations for SHARAN.