Dr. Seema Khandwala

Dr. Seema Khandwala is an Ayurvedic doctor by training, who believes in a holistic approach to any disease through mind, body and spirit. Hence she also learnt accupuncture, ozone therapy, Louise Hay methods, reiki, pranic healing and the meditation program of renowned Cardiologist Dr Ramesh Kapadia and Dr. Dean Ornish.

She suffered from migraines since childhood, fibroid in uterus, hypertension and osteoporosis. She knew something was missing and she understood the missing link, when she attended Dr. Nandita’s seminar, Reversing Diabetes and Hypertension. She was able to reverse her disease in 4 to 6 months by following the whole plant based nutrition lifestyle.

She firmly believes in awakening one’s own inner healing power. This can be achieved by nourishing our body and mind with whole plant based nutrition, exercise and meditation. Nature is so kind, simple and amazing that if one follows nature, then any disease can be reversed. SHARAN is Nature’s way. She does consultations in Hindi and Gujarati for SHARAN.