Dr Nishita Dodhia

Dr Nishita Dodhia is a qualified Homeopathic Consultant, heading the
JIVA Homeopathy Clinic, Mumbai, India. She graduated from the finest
Homeopathic Medical College in Asia and later obtained an MD Homeopathy
degree, specializing in Psychiatry.

Her special interest lies in nutritional science, as she strongly
believes “food is thy medicine”. She loves exploring healthy food options
for her patients and charting tasty but nutritional meal plans.

She has successfully treated and reversed lifestyle illnesses and many
psychiatric conditions purely by modifying the diet and lifestyle.

Being a crazy healthy vegan foodie, a vegan food connoisseur, she has tried the best vegan cuisine in several countries across the world. She tries to inspire and enlighten people about nutritional vegan eating. Dr Nishita does face to face consultations in Mumbai.