Dr. Grazilia Almeida-Khatri

Dr Grazilia Almeida-Khatri is a Mumbai-based Homoeopath, Yoga Trainer and Health Coach.

She is trained in Pilates Mat work by Micheal King [UK] and is a certified Diet Therapist from SNDT, Mumbai.

While growing up, Dr Grazilia’s parents always preferred natural methods of healing to treat any physical ailments and encouraged her to trust that the body will heal itself. This sparked her interest in nutrition and using foods to heal. Her philosophy with foods and deciding what to eat is simple, “follow the signals your body sends to you.”

A few years ago she eliminated all dairy from her diet instinctively, as she felt it did not agree. Within just a few weeks she noticed the impact of that one change. Around the same time she got introduced to the work of Dr John McDougall and Dr Gabriel Cousens. She wanted to connect with someone from India who was doing similar work and was delighted to know about Dr Nandita Shah.

After attending the Reversing Diabetes and Hypertension workshop by Dr Shah she started guiding her patients to follow the path of plant-based nutrition. In Jan 2016 she attended a training programme by SHARAN for doctors and has been a part of the SHARAN Team since.

While food and lifestyle are vital for health and healing, she believes that the cornerstone to a healthy body is a healthy mind. This has led her to study the relation between the mind and the body. She is deeply influenced by the works of Sir Martin Brofman and is a certified as a healer in the Body Mirror System of healing. Dr Grazilia is the managing editor for Complete Wellbeing (https://completewellbeing.com).