Organise a SHARAN event

We hold various kinds of events all over the country. You could also contact us to organise an event in your city, locality, organisation or group.

Our health and disease reversal programmes help you reclaim responsibility towards your health and lifestyle, make sustained lifestyle changes and discover deepening harmony with your self and surroundings. The Peas Vs Pills, Diabetes Reversal and Hypertension and Heart disease reversal, Eat Well, Weigh Less, Bone and Teeth Health one-day seminars are held in Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi, Ahmedabad and other locations, approximately two times a year. However, we can also arrange for a seminar to be organised in your city if we have a minimum of 50 participants.

SHARAN can also customise the Peas Vs Pills workshops or any of the one-day health seminars for corporate groups according to their needs. This is especially useful to organisations that have their own canteen and doctors. We can guide the chefs to make tasty and healthy food.  We are also willing to work with the employees and company doctors to reduce medications as necessary to bring about positive health changes for all participating employees. Our brochure has further details for you to explore conducting a SHARAN programme in your organisation.

Would you like to organize a short talk for schools, colleges, corporates, hospitals or other groups? For a minimum of 50 people, our SHARAN representatives may be able to do an introductory talk about SHARAN healthy lifestyle from each of their own individual unique perspectives.  Please contact us and let us know the kind of audience you have in mind so that we can suggest an appropriate and inspiring talk for you. These talks can be done free of charge or for a charge depending on the audience, location and other factors. Write to or

We can also conduct talks on the effects of our food choices on the environment and global warming and animals.