The Raw Deal

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From the desk of Dr Nandita Shah

I start every morning with a green smoothie made with a handful of green leaves, bananas and anything else I can get my hands on for added flavour. It could be ginger, 1/4 lime, or even slices of passion fruit, papaya, pineapple, chikoo, blueberries or whatever else is available in my kitchen. Except nuts, seeds or plant based milks. Two glasses of this morning indulgence keeps me going until lunch.

I had read Victoria Boutenko’s Green for Life long ago, yet it took me a while to get used to the idea of adding green leaves to fruit. This was my conditioning, I did not want to spoil the taste of fruit with the greens. But I realized that adding green leaves to the fruit makes it way more filling because of the higher nutrient content. And you hardly taste the greens – if at all, they only enrich the flavour.

Once I started incorporating green smoothies into my day, I just couldn’t stop the ritual. I relish them. So much so that I insist on serving green smoothies at all my seminars to help people make the start right away. The response is always unanimous – my guests love the concoction and can hardly believe something as delicious is so simple to put together. It’s faster and easier to make a green smoothie than most other breakfasts and is more satisfying too.

Eating raw foods is the way nature has designed for us. All animals in nature eat their food raw. Its vibrant, delicious, energising and leaves you feeling light. There are days when I just enjoy big portions of salads with perhaps some cooked beans or sweet potatoes. I love these meals..

In India we are not so used to eating raw food because our traditional cuisine is mainly cooked. And these days, with no time to cook, most people prefer eating out or ordering in. Here we lose out on quality, and get sick. Instead, if we could just learn to make a variety of simple raw dishes, our meals would be so much healthier.

For Mumbaikars, we are in the initial stages of collaborating with a meal service provider where you will receive the ingredients measured and cut, as well as the recipe in a box. All you have to do is cook the meal with love! Go ahead and fill in the survey and get a chance to win one such recipe box!


From FAT to FIT

Executive Director at RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group, 63-year old BL Chandak's story is truly inspirational. Read on to find how he made the shift from a vegetarian to plant based diet and how adopting a raw lifestyle has proved truly transformational for him.

I am a born vegetarian and have always led an active lifestyle with regular exercising and outdoor activities. Yet, I was overweight and had health issues like hypertension and elevated creatinine levels (a more recent acquisition). I was advised life-long medicines.

In 2012, inspired by my daughter Kavita and my friend Anil Narang, I turned 90% vegan. I got the opportunity to attend Dr Nandita Shah’s seven-day programme and I followed that up with Dr Shah’s three-week health retreat in June 2018 where she spoke about the benefits of raw diet and cited the example of Victoria Butenko who changed her life by just adopting a raw diet. Inspired, I switched to a 100% raw diet. Now, all my foods are sugar and oil free, and comprise lots of salads, green smoothies, berries, beans and seeds. I have also been to the Prakriti Shakti Wellness centre to discover more wonders of the raw diet.

My journey in the last eight months has been phenomenal.  I reduced my weight from 80.1 kgs to 68 kgs, my waistline from 40 inches to 32 inches, and my creatinine level to 1.49 from 2.08. My BP remains stable at 120/80 and my medicines have been stopped.

The transformation is incredible. I feel more energetic, clock 10K marathons in 100 minutes, sleep without snoring, and travel world-wide with no change in my diet. My body fat and protein levels are just perfect. My key takeaway from this personal journey is my conviction that controlling hunger is the first element of self-discipline. If we can control hunger, we can control anything.

As added bonus, I have been getting a lot of compliments on looking younger. Truly, going green is the only way to go if we are to safeguard ourselves from diseases and live a fuller life. 

Raw Carrot Halwa

Rest assured, raw carrot halwa tastes even better than the cooked version! Its delicious and crunchy, and magically melts in your mouth. Highly recommended!


  • 1 cup carrot, unpeeled, grated
  • 1/2 cup grated fresh coconut
  • 1/2 cup chopped dates
  • raisins (optional)
  • 1/2 tsp cardamom powder
  • slivered almonds for garnish


Mix the grated carrots and coconut together. Add the cardamom powder and raisins. Using your fingertips, knead the dates into the carrot mixture. Serve garnished with slivered almonds.

Serves 2-3

Food for the mind


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Add Up the Raw!

Raw foods are live foods, bundled up with nutrition and energy. The moment we cook our food, we change its chemistry and its nutrition component, apart from stressing out our digestion system. Have you noticed how light you feel after eating fruit or a raw salad as opposed to a cooked meal?

While the ultimate goal is going fully raw, which is actually a spiritual process and will take time to adopt, its good to gently and steadily increase the raw intake in our diet. Fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds are considered raw. Considering 25% as each of your meal – breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner – calculate your current percentage of raw intake. Now set a practical goal on the raw percentage that you wish to achieve. 

Here are some tips to help you reach your goal… 

1. Read up on the benefits of going raw

The more we educate ourselves the more it is easier to be on the path. Watch videos of people who have gone raw, they will inspire you.

2. Understand why YOU are doing it

It could be energy gain, weight loss or just being healthy. Once you figure out your purpose, it will be easy to act on it. 

3. Avoid animal products 

Dairy, meat and honey are not meant for us, so let's just stick to what nature has intended for us to consume.

4. Look up recipes

You will be amazed at the variety of things that can be rustled up when you go raw. We make excellent Thai curry, rice, pasta, pizzas, chocolate mousse, ice-cream and even carrot halwa raw!

5. Stock it all up!

Visit the organic farmers’ markets and stock up on the amazing produce that nature has on offer. Although you can even order in, its only when you personally see and shop for yourself will you get the chance to learn about the bountiful options.

6. Let breakfast be raw

Eating breakfast like a king is about eating the highest quality of foods available. Only fruits make the cut of being completely wholesome and nutritious.  So start your day with a large glass of green smoothie. If you feel hungry again, simply grab a fruit!

7. Start your lunch and dinner with a salad

This makes you eat less of the cooked. Even when you dine out, ensure you order a salad.

8. Soak a bean every night

For the evening snack craving, mix your beans (cooked or sprouted) with a lot of vegetables, nuts and even chutneys that are usually raw. 

9. Set a goal

Either decide to go raw one whole day in a week or maybe one meal in a day. 

10. Eat as much as you want

That’s the beauty when you pursue raw; there are no restrictions! However, nature is so amazing – it never lets us overeat when we eat raw.

This newsletter was compiled by SHARAN Head of Mumbai, Reyna K Rupani, She facilitates the Six Weeks to Health & Weight Loss program and also conducts health talks for schools, groups, corporates and more.

Edited by Vasanti Sundaram, Bangalore who has also benefitted from the SHARAN programmes, and now spreads awareness of the benefits of plant based lifestyle through her talks.

Sanctuary for Health and Re-connection to Animals and Nature (SHARAN) is a non-profit organisation with the goal of spreading awareness about holistic health and an ecologically sustainable compassionate lifestyle.

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