Our body speaks, are you Listening?

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From the desk of Dr Nandita Shah

Thanks to my training as a doctor, it took me a while to understand that medicines never cure lifestyle diseases. But the body always works to heal. The body even works to prevent diseases before they happen, by warning us through symptoms, sensations, emotions, and even intuition. We often fail to recognise these because we believe that whenever the body is not working as we would like it to, we need to take some medicines.

Medicines distract our body from talking to us through symptoms. This often prevents us from taking appropriate action, and this neglect results in chronic disease.

Why do we listen more attentively to doctors than to our own body? Isn’t it time we gave our body the importance it deserves?


Aches and Pains?


The body heals the moment you start nourishing it with the right diet. Over time, the symptoms gradually recede and you start feeling great! Listen to some of our participants from the 21 Day Health Retreat share their success stories.

Creamy Spinach and Corn Casserole

Check out this delectable recipe without a single dollop of oil, butter, plain flour or cream! Sourced from nature, every ingredient is whole and contains no preservatives. When we say health is delicious, we actually mean it! 


  • 1/2 cup raw cashews, soaked

  • 2 bunches of spinach, washed and sliced into one inch strips

  • 1 or 2 cobs of sweet corn

  • Lemon juice to taste

  • Salt and pepper to taste

  • Water

  • 1 tbsp arrowroot (optional)

  • 200 gms button mushrooms, sliced (optional)


For the cashew cream

Add 2-3 tbs of water to the cashews and blend into a smooth paste. While blending, you may add 1 to 1 1/2 tbsp of arrowroot powder to thicken the cream. Add salt and crushed pepper to the smooth cashew cream.

For the casserole

Steam the spinach and corn with a dash of salt and button mushrooms (if they are being used). Remove kernels off the cob with fingers. Place spinach, corn and mushrooms into a casserole and blend in the cashew cream. Cook for a few minutes till the cream thickens and coats the spinach-corn mixture. Add lemon juice just before serving.

Variation: Sprinkle some herbs for added flavour.

Serves 4-6

Pause to Ponder


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Our Body Speaks through Symptoms

(Image courtesy ieFcous)

How does your body speak to you? Through symptoms. When something isn’t quite right, the body causes pain to claim your attention. When you have had a long day, your body aches to tell you that it needs rest. When you get hurt that results in tissue damage in a specific area, a signal is sent to the brain to generate pain so you notice and start taking care. When your eyes ache after a long stint on the computer, mobile or television, they are telling you to give them a break! If your tummy aches, the digestive system is screaming for nutrition and rest.

Pain also stems from emotional causes. When you feel life is a burden, your shoulders ache. When you keep criticising yourself, you end up with a headache. Back pain could be a result of not being understood or feeling financially unstable. Migraines occur when you feels constantly pressured by someone.

Whatever the reason, we need to learn to listen to our bodies and work on the cause of the pain simply because the sensation is unnatural.

Check out some tips to manage your pain….

1. Avoid painkillers 

They only calm the symptoms temporarily; the root cause still lingers. Plus, pain killers are a cocktail of chemicals and can even cause severe side-effects in certain cases.

2. Diet

When we eat according to the way nature has designed us to eat, we do not experience pain. Nature wants us to eat fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables. Instead, we end up having packaged foods with chemicals, meat, dairy, and grains that have the potential to trigger pain. 

3. Vitamin D

Lack of Vitamin D is a sure-shot claim to pain. Get yourself tested and take a supplement, if necessary.

4. Exercise 

Yes, exercise actually helps ease pain in many cases as it boosts blood circulation, and builds strength and flexibility over time. Exercise is actually a medicine.

5. Be Happy

Problems are a part of life. Nature keeps giving us challenges – solve them! Why cry? When we feel someone is a pain in the neck, stay away or analyse why.

6. Invest in Louise Hay’s Mind-Body Connection book

This amazing book provides the connection with all our physical manifestations to inner issues. The solutions are also given as affirmations that truly work.

7. Be aware of your actions

Your posture, the number of hours you sit, wearing high heels, lifting heavy objects, obesity are all factors that contribute to causing pain in our body. 


This newsletter was compiled by SHARAN Associate Reyna K Rupani, who is based in Mumbai. She facilitates the Six Weeks to Health & Weight Loss program and also conducts health talks for schools, groups, corporates and more. Find out how she has benefited in so many ways by going on a whole plant-based diet here.

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