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From the desk of Dr Nandita Shah

We are facing an epidemic of hormonal diseases. Diabetes, hypothyroidism, PCOD, early puberty, menstrual and menopausal problems, infertility, breast cancer, prostate cancer, vitamin D deficiency are just a few common ones. These problems were relatively rare just 50 years ago! What has changed?

Today we are enveloped in all kinds of chemicals. Our foods are sprayed with pesticides and grown with hormones and fertilisers. Packaged and restaurant foods contain preservatives, and artificial ingredients. Personal care products – perfumes, deodorants, hair dyes, shampoos, soaps, powders, make up, lotions and other potions – contain another lot of chemicals that our bodies absorb. Then there are the home-care chemicals that we touch and breathe – phenyls, detergents, air fresheners, mosquito repellants and pest control. And the pollutants in the air that can be found in every city. Our garbage, with all kinds of plastics and other petrochemicals, ultimately finds its way into the water, land and air.

Plastics and chemicals are hormone disruptors, largely responsible for all these hormonal problems. While we are destroying the environment we are also destroying our own health.

All those advertisements and colorful packagings entice us to buy, without thinking too much. There is a way out! Before buying the next packaged product, look at the ingredient list and research if it’s good for you. Look for natural products in its place. Perhaps you will realise that you really don’t need it at all! Avoid buying anything that you do not need.


Testimonial of Gautami Desai

Gautami Desai joined our Six Weeks to Health & Weight Loss program in November last year. After experiencing the changes in herself, she can’t help but spread the goodness of the whole plant based diet. And what a wonderful way she has chosen to do so….read on

SHARAN has done nothing short of magic for me. I am a portfolio manager with long hours of stressful work. I had help at home, so was able to eat home food most of the time, which I always thought was very healthy… until I was introduced to SHARAN! Since quite some time I was feeling so exhausted that when I reached home in the evening, I could barely get up from the sofa, leave alone spend any quality time with my family. I needed to sleep for 8 to 9 hours a day and I was ashamed at times when my son woke me up in the morning after getting ready for school. I had acidity and stomach upsets often which I easily blamed on stress. Many people suggested many things like exercise, spirituality, dietician, etc. and I did all of it without realising that everything needs extra energy and I did not have that. Obviously, nothing lasted for long.

About six months back, my sister-in-law, Kinjal, who had done the SHARAN Six weeks course, starting sending some delicious dishes for my son and she said it was completely oil-free. That went on for some time and my son loved them so much that, one day, while Kinjal was travelling, he got upset that those dishes would stop coming for a while. That triggered the ego within me and I decided to do a one-day course, and ended up doing the six-weeks course.

SHARAN has totally changed the way I feel and the way I think. Energy comes from the right food and only after the course I realised how wrong I was as far as food goes. I can easily get up early morning, meditate, exercise, work for long hours and spend happy time with my family in the evening. Losing five kgs in three months was something I had never imagined could happen to me. I would recommend SHARAN to anyone. Instead of giving silly gifts, I have been giving the ‘SHARAN’s Basics of the Whole plant based diet one-day course’ as gift to my friends, relatives and staff. I will forever remain grateful to SHARAN and Kinjal for once again planting life into me.

Lemon and Lavender Kitchen Cleaner:

Equip yourself with this simple recipe of a kitchen cleaner so you can keep the unnecessary chemicals at bay


  • 10 drops of lavender essential oil

  • 10 drops of lemon essential oil

  • 16oz. Of warm water

  • 1 tsp. Of baking soda


Mix water and baking soda together, blend remaining ingredients together and store in spray bottle to use as a kitchen cleaner that is tough on grease stains and kitchen surfaces.

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Toxins in You?

Yes, those who follow the whole plant based diet, to a large extent facilitate internal cleansing. However what’s there outside also affects the inside.

A typical body care product will contain anything from 15 to 50 ingredients, with sometimes not all ingredients listed! On an average a woman uses between 9 to 15 personal care products per day, and after combining this with perfumes, an average woman places around 515 individual chemicals on her skin each day. Parabens in personal care products are linked to the increased risk of breast cancer. They can actually be found in food and pharmaceutical products too. ‘Fragrance’, ‘glimmer’ and ‘shine’ is nothing but a cocktail of chemicals that are associated with allergies, dermatitis, respiratory distress and effects on the reproductive system! Phthalates, tricolson, sodium lauryl sulfate, toluene, propylene glycol, sunscreen chemicals and the list can just go on.

Five signs that indicate toxicity in the body are digestive problems, skin issues, bad breath, unanticipated weight gain and periods of lethargy. Take a moment and think about the amount of toxic products you use. Start reducing the unnecessary and replace others with natural products (after reading the labels) or some home-made creations. 

For some other ideas, click here…

1. Homemade Tooth Powder

A tried and tested recipe! Mix 3 tsp soapnut powder, 3 tsp neem leaf powder, 6 tsp powdered sea salt, 2.5 tsp turmeric powder, 4.5 tsp clove powder, 5.5 tsp fennel seed powder, 3 tsp cinnamon powder, 1.5 tsp cardamom powder and 3 tsp amla powder. Sieve all powders together and your natural toothpowder is ready! (Recipe courtesy – KRYA)

2. Soap nuts

Use soap nuts to wash your laundry. Soap nuts are just berries from a tree and contain saponin, which works well as a detergent. Soap nuts are fabric softeners too and are pretty easy to use. You can just take out the seeds and put it in a washing bag or buy it as a powder or as a liquid.

3. Beetroot lip-balm

Make your own natural lipstick using the lovely beetroot. Cut a fresh beetroot into small pieces and blend in a grinder. Strain the juice and add into the container which you intend to store it in. Add 1 teaspoon of coconut oil. Store in a fridge for a couple of hours. It’s ready to use!

4. Face mask

A great home-made mask is mixing 1 tsp fresh avocado pulp with 1 tsp mashed banana and 1/2 tsp pure aloe vera. Refreshing indeed!

5. Sweat more

Sweating is one of the ways that your body cleans and remove toxins!

6. Invest in House Plants

House plants are excellent air-purifiers, that will remove the toxins from the air in your homes.

7. Stress is toxic too!

When we are angry (jealous, resentment etc), we put out liver under stress. When we are sad, we place our heart under stress. Imagine if this continues overs a prolonged period of time. Accept what you can’t change and focus on the solutions rather than the problems.

8. Avoid air-fresheners & candles

Use essential oils instead.

9. Drink filtered tap water

Commercially bottled water is chemically treated and contains toxins coming from the plastic bottles.

10. Nail Salons

If you have ever gone into a nail salon, you can’t miss the toxic smell of nail paint! And yes you are breathing in the toxic fumes too. So avoid going to a nail salon, better still avoid nail paint altogether!

11. Use non-toxic paints to paint your house

This newsletter was compiled by SHARAN Associate Reyna K Rupani, who is based in Mumbai. She facilitates the Six Weeks to Health & Weight loss program and also conducts Health talks for schools, groups, corporates and more. Find out how she has benefited in so many ways by going on a whole plant-based diet here

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