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From the desk of Dr Nandita Shah

Nature is full of diversity, and every single species on the planet has a niche. There are more than a 1000 varieties of rice world wide and perhaps hundreds of varieties of tomatoes! Even brinjals, ladyfingers, potatoes, zucchini etc can be found in different varieties. Yet what we generally see in the market are the same varieties of the same vegetables and fruit. Because of commercialisation a few varieties are planted over and over again, thereby reducing biodiversity. Luckily some few but wise farmers toil to save the seeds of these varieties, lest they go extinct.

Similarly our desire to eat animal flesh is reducing biodiversity because forests, which are homes to multitude wildlife are being converted into agricultural land or grazing land. Our earth is losing its lungs.

When we eat a wide variety of seasonal and local plants of different colours, we get a multitude of phytonutrients. Today we are replacing natural nutrients with a variety of multi-coloured pills. But nature cannot be copied. Pharmacies cannot serve nutrients the way nature can. Its time to be more conscious of what we eat. Each bite can fill our bodies with nutrients and also save biodiversity at the same time. Today millets, which have largely been forgotten for years are making a comeback. Millets are more nutritious than rice and wheat and also less water intensive to grow.

Healing our bodies and the planet requires a shift in consciousness.


Testimonial of Dayanidhi M G

Forty eight year old Dayanidhi M G, is a changed man after attending SHARAN’s Six Weeks to Health & Weight loss program in Bangalore. He thought he had to live with ill-health his whole life until he discovered otherwise…

By leading an active life comprising of walking, badminton, yoga and golf, and also being a vegetarian, I was hoping that I was doing all the right things to avert the health conditions that my parents had. Little did I know then that my food still wasn’t right, especially diary products and oil. My food was undoing the effect of physical activity on my body, and bringing me to the brink of health conditions like hypertension and diabetes. I thought I have no choice but to manage these life long. With the family history behind me, my doctors were preparing me for managing these with medications and even prescribed them to mitigate risk. I had this condition of impaired fasting sugar where the post prandial sugar level is normal but fasting started slowly drifting away from the ideal level.

Thats when my wife came across SHARAN. She heard of its success stories of reversing similar conditions in people of all age groups.  Inspired, we both enrolled to get back to good health and weight. We went through Anubha’s workshop. We stopped all animal products, sugar and oil, and now cook healthy food, including lots of fruits. We follow simple activities like regular walking and stress management. While we enjoyed the journey of empowering ourselves to heal with a group of participants, we started seeing wonderful results in terms of weight reduction, normal health parameters, and a fresh and positive outlook to  life. The transformation was a wonderful feeling and a great achievement.

Now, after 5 months of attending the workshop, we follow the regime and enjoy the continued healing. With 8kgs of weight loss and several inches gone, we enjoy our food. We eat zero or single grain meals, lots of vegetables and lots of  fruits. My wife lost 10kgs. We now feel energetic all day with fruits replacing the typical south Indian breakfast, plenty of fiberous food without oil replacing the usual meal we ate. We are looking forward to staying with this lifestyle. We owe it all to Anubha and SHARAN for showing the way. We are glad to be their ambassadors and help in their efforts towards making it a healthy world around us.

Sarve bhavanthu sukhinaha!

Jowar Oats Crackers

Check out these yummy crackers, which are not only healthy, but delicious too! Easy to make, they make a good snack, can be had with dips, and can be carried during travelling too. Plus they have zero oil and no preservatives!

Happy Baking!


  • 100 gm jowar flour

  • 100 gm oat flour

  • coconut / oat or rice milk for kneading

  • ajwain (carom seeds)

  • grated ginger

  • fresh or dry herbs like thyme, rosemary, parsley according to your choice

  • sesame seeds

  • salt to taste


Knead the jowar flour only with coconut milk and add ajwain (carom), salt and ginger. Knead the oats seperately with coconut milk and add dry herbs of your choice and sesame seeds and salt.

Roll out into chapattis and cut lengthwise into a cracker shape.

Bake at medium heat till crisp for 20-30 minutes.

Serve with dips, chutneys or pates.


Jowar flour can be replaced with ragi, amaranth or other flours.

Serves 4-6

Food for Thought


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The Millet Magic

Millets are a group of small-seeded grasses, grown around the world as cereal crops, livestock feed and for human consumption too. They are primarily produced in India followed by Africa and China. Millets are gluten-free and can be used in porridges, snacks and breads. Being a good source of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, they come with their share of health benefits such as boosting heart and respiratory health, optimising the immune system, detoxifying the body, increasing energy levels and improving muscle and nerve health.

Easy to digest, millets are one of the few grains that alkalise the body. They have a high protein content and can easily replace rice. They can be simply added to a stir-fry or a salad or even added to make muffins. One can easily make rotis from millet flour too, reducing the consumption of wheat. To cook, all you do is wash the millets, and add about 3 cups of water to 1 cup of millet and boil with salt. Once the water is boiled, simmer for 15 minutes until the liquid is absorbed. Then fluff them with a fork and leave for five minutes to use.

Know your Millets..

1. Pearl Millet (Bajra)

This is the most widely-grown millet and India is the largest producer. Bajra is a rich source of phosphorus and magnesium.

2. Finger Millet (Nachani / Raagi)

This is rich in calcium and protein. It also has some essential amino acids which are essential for the human body. It also is a wonderful antioxidant.

3. Foxtail Millet (Kangni / Thinai)

High in iron, these millets are organic, as they actually act as anti-pest agents to store some pulses! They help in controlling blood sugar and cholesterol levels too.

4. Kodo Millet (Kodra)

This is high in fibre and low in fat and are good for diabetes.

5. Little Millet (Saamai)

High in iron, fibre and easy to digest.

6. Barnyard Millet (Jhangora)

This has a low glycemic index and thus helps in type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

7. Sorghum (Jowar)

This has high nutritional value with proteins, fibre and minerals. It also helps in metabolism.

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This newsletter was compiled by SHARAN Associate Reyna K Rupani, who is based in Mumbai. She facilitates the Six Weeks to Health & Weight loss program and also conducts Health talks for schools, groups, corporates and more. Find out how she has benefited in so many ways by going on a whole plant-based diet here

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