Potatos – Yum!

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From the desk of Dr Nandita Shah

Since on an average 1/3 of Indian adults get diabetes, I am routinely treating type 2 diabetics. I enjoy this because diabetes is so easily reversible and the glucometers show results quickly!

Many diabetic patients ask me if they can really eat potatoes or even all the fruit that I recommend. They are surprised that they can eat potatoes, bananas and mangoes and that too all they want! I tell them to check their glucometers.

At SHARAN we never CONTROL diseases like diabetes. Our aim is REVERSAL. To reverse diseases we must address the cause. The CAUSE of diabetes is not sugar, the RESULT of diabetes is high blood sugar. Diabetes is the result of insulin resistance and lack of insulin. That’s what we work on. Our bodies are designed to heal if given a chance. We can enjoy good food and reverse disease but all the food must be the right kind.


Testimonial of Dr Saurabh Chaudhari

Dr Saurabh Chaudhari, who is a Consultant Radiologist and Associate Professor at Bharati Vidyapeeth Medical college in Pune, shares how he had to revisit his tailor many times due to the weight-loss he experienced by going on a whole plant based diet…

I attended the Peas vs Pills program by Dr Nandita Shah on 22nd March 2015 . From that day onwards my life has taken a drastic change for the better. My weight that time was 140 kgs , BP 150/110 and HBA1C was 9.6. Following the instructions given in the program I shifted to total whole food plant based diet and lost 5 kgs every month which continued for one year consistently. So I lost a total of 60 kgs in one year and my weight came down from 140 kg to 80 kg as shown in the photograph. During the program had asked Reyna whether cooking was possible without oil and when she said yes, it was news to my ears . Subsequently Suraj who stays with me attended the oil free classes and was cooking for me. The best part about the program ,which I liked was that you don’t have to miss on the delicious items. There is replacement for everything. Because of this, there is no craving.

On 3 September 2015, myself and Suraj attended the 10 days training program at Swasara by Sharan. I reversed my diabetes and hypertension. My BP came down to 120/80 and HBA1C came to 5.6.

Although I am from the allopathic background what is most appreciable is that dietary plan is totally natural , based on human instincts and there are no artificialities involved. The understanding touches logic as well as the heart. This journey of weight loss and reversal of hypertension is the journey within and the most enjoyable journey of my life. I had to visit my tailor time and again, got a lot of appreciation from family , friends and well wishers. I sincerely feel that this whole food plant based diet is the need of the hour and this knowledge should spread far and wide.

Kudos to Dr. Nandita and her team for spreading this knowledge all around the globe.

Death is a Great Teacher! By Reyna

My grandmother had been bed-ridden since two years. Each visit was a glimpse of deterioration, until she breathed her last this July.

Six things I learnt from this experience –

1) Health is the only thing we truly have, and its totally in our hands!

2) Lack of good eating habits, exercise and mental stimulation causes deterioration from a young age, but is actually witnessed in old age. It doesn’t happen all of a sudden or due to old age. I know people of my grandmom’s age – active and agile.

3) Everyone said she led a good life – in the sense, she saw her grandchildren and her children took care of her. Is this what defines a good life?

4) Unnecessary rituals were a sheer waste of time, effort and wealth for 12 whole days! It was just like a get-together, with feasts of oil-laden treats, colas and sweets!

5) Death pollutes! The body was burnt. Plastic water bottles and cutlery was available for 12 days. Ghee poured in needlessly over ceremonies. A huge mix of various eatables were thrown in the ocean to feed the fish. Do fish eat mashed rice, bananas and Indian sheera?

6) It’s a business! The brahmins first enquired, ‘how much dakshina would be given’ and then they would come!

Time to wake up…


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The Potato Potential

Have you ever heard of anyone who dislikes potatoes! Potatoes are delicious, full of carbohydrates and can be used in a multitude of ways! They are also a part of nearly every cuisine in the world, cheap and available throughout the year.

Generally, the more the colour of your fruits and vegetables, the more better the nutritional value. But this is a total exception when it comes to potatoes! This tuber is nutrient-dense with vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals that prevent disease and benefit human health. Plus they are very easy to digest.

Many people tend to think that having potatoes will make them put on weight. It’s actually what they are teamed up with – the oil in the French fries/samosas, the cream in the mashed potatoes, the bread in the potato sandwich that is detrimental, not the poor potato!

So best is to steam or bake them (to retain maximum nutrition vis a vis boiling as the nutrients get into the water) and don’t peel the skin off, as that has the most nutrition!

The potato is also so versatile, and can be a part of your every meal!! Check out 5 yummy, whole and healthy potato recipes…

1. Poha for breakfast

link: https://sharan-india.org/recipes/vegetable-poha/

2. Potato-salad with cashew mayonnais

3. Baked Potato Wedges for snacks or dinner accompaniment

4. Batata Vadas for the rainy day snacks

5. Mashed potatoes for anytime!

Food for the Mind by Bruce Lee


This newsletter was compiled by SHARAN Associate Reyna K Rupani, who is based in Mumbai. She facilitates the Six Weeks to Health & Weight loss program and also conducts Health talks for schools, groups, corporates and more. Find out how she has benefited in so many ways by going on a whole plant-based diet here

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