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From the desk of Dr Nandita Shah

I am currently at our 21 Day Health Retreat, the first retreat that we’ve had since the pandemic started. It’s been liberating because most of our participants have been cooped up for too long. Now, we are in nature and have plenty of sunshine and fresh air and fabulous buffet meals. We are working on all kinds of health problems, but for many participants this time weight gain is an issue. On the fourth day of the retreat we had a session on weight loss in which we discussed mindfulness.

We’ve been conditioned to eat whenever there’s good food available. All too often we eat mindlessly without thinking about how much we really need to eat. Rather we are seeing how much we can pack in. We eat for pleasure, for comfort, when we are upset, when we are watching a movie, to give us something to do, in order to socialize or even just because it’s a meal time. We found that many people had not experienced hunger which should be the main reason for eating.

So we had a silent meal and watched a film, Hungry For Change, and we’re working on getting mindful of why we eat, how much we eat, when we eat, how we eat, and of course what we eat.

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Be mindful of your mind


The optimal health puzzle consists of three aspects. First is nutrition, second is exercise and the third one? Find out in this video from our 21 day health retreat program.

Lemony Carrot Salad with Dill 

Be mindful of having a smoothie for breakfast and salad with your lunch and dinner every day. Get into the habit of planning a salad for each meal. The more raw we eat, the more our body cleanses and gets its nutrition. Check out yet another simple but tasteful salad recipe..


  • 4 medium-sized unpeeled carrots, grated
  • 2 tbsp chopped spring onion
  • 3 tbsp chopped dill leaves
  • 1 tbsp lemon juice
  • 2 cloves garlic, chopped
  • 1/4 tsp unrefined salt
  • 1/4 tsp black pepper (kali mirch) powder


To make the dressing, combine the lemon juice, garlic, salt and pepper together in a medium-sized bowl. Add carrots, spring onions and dill.  Toss well and serve.

Serves 3

Food For The Mind


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Let’s face it, our minds are running around and filled with so many thoughts, that we are most often mentally drained. Hence, most of us are guilty of seeking fleeting pleasures rather than inner happiness and sustained fulfilment. We are so caught up in the routine of daily life, that we rarely pause to see the direction that we are going. Too many of us are equally clueless of what we want and are too scared or unwilling to step out of our comfort zones to find out.

We don’t want to be different from others yet we want something different from what we have. No surprise then that our problems visit us time and again with alarming similarities. It’s time to change and start becoming mindful. There is a solution – we can overcome this stagnant state of mind with just a little effort, just a little thought.

Here are a few pointers on how we can make the shift:

1. Before you eat anything, be mindful

Is it good for me? Will the pleasure be worth the effects on my health? When we are hungry, our body is actually seeking nutrition. Are we feeding it the right fuel?

2. Before you say anything, be mindful

Is it true? Am I certain? And if it is, will it be beneficial to anyone if I say it? Some things are just not worth saying!

3. Before you do anything, be mindful

Are you doing it because you believe you should do it? Are you doing so to please others or because of other people’s expectations? Do you really believe that it should be done?

4. Before doing a puja or a religious practice, be mindful

Is this practice really meaningful? Will it be harmful to any other being? Are you doing it because it has been done since ages or by our ancestors? Is it appropriate in today’s times? Remember that the only thing constant in life is change.

5. Before making life changing plans, be mindful

Why are you getting married? Is it because everyone else is, or do you really desire to have a partner? Are you lonely or is it something else? Make sure the reason is worthy of your action. Also the desire to have children – is it because everyone is expecting you to? Is it a biological need to have a child? What will be the child’s future in this rapidly changing world? Irreversible actions need a lot of thought.

6. Before choosing a career, be mindful

Most people spend more than half their waking life at work. Are you enjoying what you do? Do you believe in your work? If not, it will ultimately make you unhappy. 

7. Before buying something, be mindful

Almost everything that you buy, except edibles, will clutter your home or environment and remain on this planet for a very long time. We are destroying nature and our planet with garbage. Cluttering cupboards also clutter the mind. If you have things you don’t need, give them away. Travel lightly through life!

8. Before believing anything, be mindful

Re-examine all the possibilities. A lie repeated often enough takes the form of truth in our minds. We believe that dairy is healthy or that education is vital or that medicines are a necessity because we have been told this over and over again. Pause to question all your beliefs.

9. Before taking a holiday, be mindful

We all need change and travel is fun, promotes learning and relaxation. However we often take holidays for the wrong reasons – boredom or fantasy. Don’t lose the chance of learning something new and doing something valuable in your free time. And if you can learn to enjoy every minute of your life, your whole life, even your work can be like a holiday!

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This newsletter was compiled by SHARAN Head of Mumbai, Reyna K Rupani, She facilitates the Six Weeks to Health Gain & Weight Loss program and also conducts health talks for schools, groups, corporates and more.

Edited by Deepa Ballal, a freelance writer based in Dubai.

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