The Fitter New You in 2021

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From the desk of Dr Nandita Shah

A good way to measure your health is to measure your adaptability. Animals in nature are very adaptable – they adapt to changes in weather, availability of food, and even the changes in nature brought about by human beings. I’ve had the opportunity to treat so many people who recognise that you can’t solve a problem by continuing the same lifestyle that caused it. When they make an appointment with me, they too are often committing to change.

I recently spoke to a patient whose son I had treated a couple of years ago. He told me that he now likes peanut yogurt much more than dairy yogurt. Thanks to SHARAN’s Salad Revolution, I’ve heard so many patients tell me that they love salads now. Many had never  eaten something like this before, or  imagined cooking without oil, but now they love our way of cooking and our cooking classes. Some have even told me that they hated to cook till they learnt our way of cooking!  

The New Year is a time for change. It’s an opportunity to set in new resolutions, change old habits and to recognise that you can go wherever you want to go. What’s your resolution this year? Whatever it be, I wish you a healthy year ahead.

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Seasonal Illnesses

A senior manager (who wishes to remain anonymous) of a Dubai-based company recently noted a lot of staff members reporting sick due to weather changes.

As someone who understands the role of diet in our health, he sent out a short interesting note to his employees. We are grateful that he agreed to share it with us, so that we too can take a cue…  

Read the note here.   

With seasonal changes, we are susceptible to falling sick. Common colds, viral fevers etc.  

It is said that the body has power to heal itself. The source of healing is the energy which is prevalent and obtained from the food we intake.  

Now, the body likes food in the most simplest form. It is easily broken down, and the energy and nutrients are easily obtained from such food.  

In our normal day to day lives, we are eating cooked food. In short, this is a process which modifies the food and makes it complex. When we ingest such food, the body has to work hard to convert the complex food into a simplified form and then obtain the energy and nutrients. So to do this, it consumes more energy than storing, which otherwise can be diverted to the problem areas in the body to heal itself.

Even when you visit a doctor, he/she often guides you to have simple food and avoid oily and heavy food etc. He/she knows how our body works and how it heals.  

The best thing to do during such period is to take fresh raw foods like salads and fruits. The body easily absorbs the nutrients and energy without spending energy towards digestion.

The energy saved  now is being used by the body to heal itself.

Munching Munchies

Diet coupled with exercise creates wonders! Most of the time we let go when it comes to snacking. In this video, learn how you can enjoy delicious and healthy snacks like hot corn chaat and baked sev that you can actually binge on!

Food for the mind


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The Most Common Resolution!

Any ideas?

Yes, the most common New Year resolution is to start exercising! And did you know that it’s the most broken resolution too? Ever wondered why? Everyone knows it is important, but for a lot of people exercise does take a backseat in daily routine. Why???  

Well, the answer lies with the mind! The mind loves to laze and who wants to work out? Most of the excuses it generally whips up – I am thin; I don’t need it! Or tomorrow for sure! With too many commitments so no time, weather, boredom or fatigue completing the list.  

The best way to get out of this circle of excuses, is to educate the mind on the importance of exercise, trick it and get going. And the magic mantra is that in a few days, the mind will fall in love with exercise and you win the battle!  

Read on for 10 tips and tricks to slip in exercise into your daily routine!

1. Understand the Health benefits

Just like a machine that gets rusted for not being used enough, our body deteriorates with not enough exercise. Moving your body regularly improves your muscular and cardiorespiratory fitness and your bone health. It also reduces your risk of getting a number of diseases to include blood pressure, stroke, diabetes and even some cancers. Remind yourself everyday WHY you need to exercise.

2. ​Split into shorter sessions

If 30 minutes of continuous exercise doesn’t work for you, split it into three 10 minute sessions!

3. Dance like no one is watching

In the comfort of your home.

4. Never miss a chance to walk or take the stairs

5. Indulge in household chores

Work your hands at home and stretch with simple activities like wiping the windows, mopping the floor and dusting places at a height. Chopping vegetables or kneading the dough, exercises the fingers too.

6. Jog or exercise at the spot while watching television

7. Play with kids!

If they are yours, it’s spending quality time with them too! If not, neighbourhood kids always like it when an adult joins in.

8. Pay Up!

When you pay for an exercise class, you don’t want to waste money, do you? Also group work-outs pep you up and get you going!

9. Change your routine

The mind is like a child…gets bored easily. Switch your routine every three months. There are so many options to choose from!

10. Sleep early and wake up earlier

Remember early to bed and early to rise, makes you Healthy, Wealthy and Wise!

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This newsletter was compiled by SHARAN Head of Mumbai, Reyna K Rupani, She facilitates the Six Weeks to Health Gain & Weight Loss program and also conducts health talks for schools, groups, corporates and more.

Edited by Deepa Ballal, a freelance writer based in Dubai.

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