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Diabetes Reversal

Most diabetics find themselves on the road to gradually increasing weight, slowly rising blood sugar levels, higher doses of medication, and worsening complications.

Reversing diabetes means reversing this trend. Blood glucose values that have kept rising month after month can begin to come down very quickly. Doses of medication that have risen again and again can come down too. Symptoms such as neuropathy—nerve pains in the feet and legs—can improve and even disappear. Severe weight problems can be tackled, and even heart disease can reverse.

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Hypertension Reversal

Reversing heart disease and hypertension means reversing the typical trend. Blood pressure, cholesterol and lipid values that have kept rising begin to fall. Doses of medication that have incrementally risen will come down too. Symptoms such as tightness in the chest and throat can improve and even disappear. And other problems like diabetes will also concomitantly reverse due to this diet.

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Weight Release

Excess weight is often a precursor to many health and lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, etc.  It is best to work on resolving the weight issue first and prevent any other complications that may occur as a result.

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Health without Medicines: Peas vs Pills

The body and the mind act in unison. Physical symptoms may indicate the state of mind or vice versa.  Medical intervention should take into consideration the whole rather than isolated parts. This would be a holistic approach to maintaining good health. By reconditioning ourselves to connect to our minds and bodies, we can prevent disease and cure ourselves of any ailments we may have.

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Healthy Cooking Classes

SHARAN conducts healthy cooking classes in various cities regularly. We also inform our readers about likeminded cooking classes and events conducted by other people or organisations.

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