Dr Nandita Shah’s Blog from the 21 Day Program, June 2016.

June 2, 2016


Thanks to new learnings every year during the 21 day program, the success of each program seems to be even higher than the past. In this year’s program we had 33 participants with a variety of diseases, from type 2 diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, hypothyroid, back aches and joint pains, osteoarthritis, indigestion, snoring, low energy, sinusitis, allergies and acute rhinitis, asthma, migraines, psoriasis, menstrual pains, type 1 diabetes, Crohns, PCOS, tonsils, and kidney disease. We also had cancer survivors.

After all these years, I know that weight issues, diabetes (both type 1 and 2), and hypertension results are very tangible on a daily or weekly basis since they can easily be measured. Joint pains and back pains tend to become better during the program and many people recognize that they are able to do much more than they thought that they could when they came, both in terms of stamina and strength. Asthma, allergies etc often improve just in those 21 days. Migraine, menstrual pains too. Although these cannot be measured, participants are always noticing how quickly their bodies heal given the right conditions.

With the second set of reports other improvements are seen as in hypothyroid etc. By the end of this June’s program I was very happy to see that 5 participants with hypothyroid were better and in the case of 3 of them thyroxin dosages had to be reduced considerably! Other diseases, like auto immune diseases take longer.

One thing is certain, everyone sees the ability of their body to heal without medicines. Dramatic improvements that come by just reducing the medicine load off the body at the right time is impressive.

Today I heard from several of our participants. They are continuing to lose weight and now in less than 4 weeks the maximum weight loss has been a whopping 9.4 kgs. Yet I never measure success by weight loss. It’s health gain that I am interested in. This is the experience of real health, not medicines!

I thank my entire team – Nandini Gulati, Mayavi Khandelwal, Dr Saravanan, Capt Joseph Pinto, and Reshma Singh along with all the participants who were committed to getting well and in the bargain had one of the best holidays of their lives.

TIP: Our body has amazing healing powers. While its important to keep checking and reducing the medicines as soon as possible, its never advisable to suddenly stop medicines. SHARAN doctors can help you with your healing process.

Day 20 & 21: Friday 24.6.2016 & Saturday 25.6.2016

The last 2 days of our 21 day retreat were so busy that I was not able to post so finally here is an update.

These 2 days were a bit sad because we all felt the days had flown by and nobody really wanted to leave. Many of us had brought books thinking we would have some time to catch up on reading.  We had so much to do, that we never found the time.

_MOG1731 _MOG1739

3 4

5 6 7  8

On Saturday, there was another participants dinner. They made oil free chole bhatura, patties, coconut rice, rasam and more which was absolutely stunning. The laddo was another highlight. And most importantly we realised that we could make the foods that we loved in a way that could free us of disease!

The staff of SwaSwara cooked a special Kerala Sadya Lunch for us on Saturday and we had a special favourites dinner the same evening! This was our last day. We also had 2 days of talent shows.

Our final lab test reports came. The final consultations were done. This time the maximum weight loss was 7.4 kgs with several others at over 4 kgs. Our collective weight loss was 101 kgs! Only 7 participants were still on some medications when they left. One of our participants was on 15 different medications plus insulin. She was able to reduce the insulin dose from 26 units per day down to just 16 and stop all the other medications! Other accomplishments during the program were greater flexbility to do yoga, long distance walking, uphill climbing and swimming as well as accomplishments in art and dancing. We, the SHARAN team, are very proud of all our participants.

May everyone reach their highest health potential while having fun just the way we did in the last 21 days.

TIP of the day: Every change seems difficult because we are creatures of habit. Weight loss and disease reversal is easier when you think of it just as changing habits. Once we adopt the new habits it becomes very easy. It’s a lot harder to live with medicines and hospitals, than it is to change habits.

Day 19: Thursday 23.6.2016

I missed posting yesterday because it was so busy. As we are nearing the end, everyone is sad. We have had one of the best holidays of our life together and got to know one another so well now. The days have passed by quickly and we just don’t want to leave. Most of us are also seeing better and better results as the days go by and as we leave our medicines. More walks, more treks. Yoga classes, meditation, art therapy… our classes are full. The weather is cooler and we have less swimming now. More practice for the talent show. Classes preparing us for going home too. Sometimes we just enjoy a chat over a meal or a game of cards.

bscap0004 bscap0011 bscap0012

untitled-15 untitled-18


untitled-1  untitled-6


Today we had our very last cooking class. Thanks to these and the participants cooking evenings we are sure that we can create award winning meals at home.

We ended with an interactive session and appreciation.

untitled-9  untitled-10

untitled-12  untitled-13

Thanks to Reshma Singh and her team for all the photographs.

TIP of the day: While healing, make sure that whatever you are doing is sustainable and possible to do in the long term. Reversing disease is a shift in consciousness

Day 18: Wednesday 22.6.2016

This morning we did our second round of tests after which many participants went for an exhilarating group walk guided by Capt Joseph Pinto to one tree hill from where dolphins can be seen.


_DSF0296 _DSF0305

_DSF0298 _DSF0291

_DSF0304  _MOG1418

  _MOG1427 _MOG1509

_MOG1511 _MOG1512

_MOG1514  _MOG8609


Now we are gearing up for going back. Our morning session was about how to face society, and handle the difficulties of being different, eating different and also how to inspire others.

Between practice sessions for the talent show, and another participants cooking class, swimming meditation and yoga we kept busy till dinner time. We enjoyed another magnificent dinner made by our participants. Good homestyle food, cooked with love makes everyone tend to over eat so we ended with another dance night!

TIP of the day: If you want to stay healthy, associate with others of the same wavelength.

Day 17: Tuesday 21.6.2016

Despite the juice feasting yesterday and the rains this morning, the regulars still went for their long walks.

Perhaps thanks to the juice feasting yesterday, the participants who were on medications have reduced their medications further and are really happy about it! We often check BP and sugars several times a day before we reduce medications.

This morning we talked about stress, a cause of many illnesses. We also discussed last night’s film, The Peaceful Warrior. We discussed the effect of consuming animal products on our state of mind and also more about why vegan from the animal rights perspective.

_DSF0223 _DSF0228

_DSF0234 _DSF0244

For lunch we had our favourite Khow Suey (again) which was rather filling after masala dosa and amaranth porridge for breakfast! And dinner cooked by participants was another feast! But since we have all learned to eat mindfully and savour every bite we are managing to improve further.

_DSF0249 _DSF0252


_MOG8272 _MOG8295


We saw some films by Byron Katie about our mind and how we make it a willing servant rather than being controlled by it.

TIP of the day – Consume a plant based diet to reduces stress or depression.

Day 16: Monday 20.6.2016

The beginning of week 3, time to take stock. Here is what people wrote today about the breakthroughs and achievements of the past week. Numbers show the number of people who mentioned it.

19 Blood sugar/ blood pressure down, medicines reduced
17 Weight loss
11 More energy
6 Feel lighter, healthy
3 Back, knee problems better
3 Complexion fair, dark circles gone
1 Eczema, skin problems gone

21 Walking more than I have ever done before including uphill
10 Stamina improved
9 Yoga has improved / more flexibility
9 Learnt to swim / swim better
8 Loving to do the exercise and activities
6 Feel less hungry
5 Regular in exercise
4 Hunger awareness, eating mindfully
4 Sleep more, better, waking early
3 More flexibility
2 Feel fresh and happy
2 Less breathless while walking / climbing

9 Enjoy food / Didn’t know that I could survive without oil, sugar, dairy / food will be no problem at all on return
6 Off tea, addictions gone
3 Rekindled my interest in cooking
2 Confidence on the body’s healing power
1 Believed I could not eat raw but now eating a lot of salads
1 Understood the environmental impact of what we eat
1 Love and accept myself

Today was a juice feasting day. Each one observed the effect of high quality juices on our body.

We ended the day with The Peaceful Warrior, a film inspired from a true story of an Olympic gold medalist that left most of us in silence and deeply moved.

_DSF0088 _DSF0107

_DSF0111 _DSF0114

_DSF0122 _DSF0134

_DSF0137 _DSF0145




TIP of the day: When improvement reaches a plateau, a day of vegetable juices can help by providing a high level of nutrients quickly.

Day 15: Sunday 19.6.2016

Today, a Sunday was a rest day. We had more walks, to Gokarna and several people effortlessly walked more than 13 km! We enjoyed beautiful views. Others rested in the resort, read, went for yoga and meditation or swam. In the evening some stayed for the cooking class and others went to visit Gokarna temple or to the swimming pool.



IMG_3109 IMG_3130



We ended the day with the film Super Juice me, to get ready for our juice feasting day tomorrow. We will be having only vegetable juices every 2 hours. Vegetable juices give us a high level of nutrients in a short time without our bodies needing to do much effort. This is helpful to do once in a while when we have reached a plateau in our improvement. Although many of us are still improving and have not reached a plateau we are doing this to learn how it feels and how to do this when we are back. During a juice feast our medicines also have to be reduced because blood sugars and blood pressures usually drop. Luckily 21 of us are off all medications now, and others medications have been reducing rapidly too.

TIP of the day: Take some time to do something different and relax.

Day 14: Saturday 18.6.2016

A few more participants are off all medications, and others are better in the BP and blood sugar levels as we come to the end of the second week.

This morning we talked about the impact of our food choices on the environment. Both animal products and processed and packaged foods have a huge negative impact on the environment. If we want our kids to inherit a habitable planet, we all need to change our lifestyle now! We are lucky to be in a conscious resort that does not serve water in plastic bottles, or use packaged foods.

_MOG8053 _MOG8055


_MOG8056 _MOG8057

_MOG8083 _MOG8071

_MOG8073 _MOG8054

_MOG8076 _MOG8085

_MOG8092 _MOG8096


Our favourite snack of pani puris was followed by another of Mayavi Khandelwal’s inspiring cooking classes.

_MOG8160 _MOG8164

_MOG8151 _MOG8154 _MOG8159 _MOG8163

In the evening we saw the film ” Cowspiracy”.  This movie touched many people profoundly because they did deeply care for the environment. This film has convinced them that there is no alternative to being plant based. There is no such thing as a meat eating environmentalist!

TIP of the day: Minimise your footprint on the planet by going vegan. It will make you feel lighter too.

Day 13: Friday 17.6.2016

Our morning activities are growing thanks to our enthusiastic participants. In the morning we have aqua aerobics, yoga, meditation, walks, and of course consultations. After breakfast, Nandini Gulati took a session on self love and affirmations. Disease reversal can need a shift in consciousness. We need to be aware of our negative self talk. Check your thoughts and feed your mind with the very best too.

_MOG7875 _MOG7925

_MOG7901 _MOG7912 

_MOG7924 _MOG7922

_MOG7935 _MOG7926

Some of the women have been practicing dance for talent night and now the men too are going to do a dance! Practice sessions going on!


In the evening we had another participants cooking session and yet another amazing menu. This time a Portuguese salad with cheese, Beetroot cutlets and Carrot Cake were the highlights (though everything was excellent)

_MOG7964 _MOG7967

_MOG7975 _MOG7977

_MOG7980 _MOG7984


_MOG7986 _MOG8014

_MOG8017 _MOG8024 



_MOG8034 _MOG8039 


We ended with the Disney film Inside Out, which was about how our minds work.

TIP of the day: Health is a sum of mind and body. Be mindful of your thoughts. Make sure your thoughts serve you.

Day 12: Thursday 16.6.2016

Another amazing day. More people have breakthroughs – blood sugar levels going down, blood pressures dropping, insulin levels going down. With regular consultations we are reducing medications.

_MOG7601 _MOG7612

_MOG7623 _MOG7632

_MOG7634 _MOG7749

_MOG7772 _MOG7833

_MOG7783 _MOG7788

_MOG7792 _MOG7837


Because hormonal diseases like hypothyroid, PCOD, diabetes, breast and prostate cancers, infertility, etc, this morning we looked at more natural, chemical free alternatives to everyday products from personal care products to home care and other products.

We had an amazing Lebanese lunch made by the chefs, complete with salads and baked falafels. One of our participants commented that though there are many falafel restaurants in London, these were the best he had had. Its true. Oil free tastes even better. For snacks we had delicious chickoo ice cream and dinner was Burmese Khow Suey! A gastronomical treat by chefs at SwaSwara. SwaSwara chefs conducted the cooking class today as well.

_MOG7847 _MOG7848

_MOG7850 _MOG7856

_MOG7862 _MOG7863


In the evening we saw the film The Plastic Cow – a must see. It can be found on You Tube.

TIP of the day: Reduce chemicals and plastics in your life

Day 11: Wednesday 15.6.2016

Today was another eventful day. Now 8 people are off all medications. Since 10 people were already not on medications before coming (either because they had no need or because they had already attended one of our programs and changed their eating habits or because they were only taking medicines as required), 18 of our 33 participants are not on any medication and now know how they can live a life free from medicines! You can see the skin glowing on these photographs! Much change in just a few days.

_MOG7616 _MOG7617

_MOG7620 _MOG7625

_MOG7636 _MOG7637

_MOG7639 _MOG7658

_MOG7664 _MOG7677

_MOG7680 _MOG7683

_MOG7698 _MOG7711

The morning session was about disease reversal. Nandini spoke about the pleasure trap and how we can free ourselves from this and achieve real happiness.

Some participants started practice for the Talent Night. Nikhila Ramesh is a dancer and she is choreographing this dance!

We had the amazing fruit parfaits again as a snack – difficult to resist!

In order to prepare everyone for when they leave they will now be planning and cooking a menu of their choice in groups every few days. Today the first group, who called themselves ‘The China Study’ prepared a Chinese Whole Plant based meal that everyone thoroughly enjoyed. But most importantly everyone in the group, even the men, now have the confidence that they can cook and eat this way. One of the participants said she is now excited about going home and cooking and trying new things. Anything can be cooked without oil and with whole ingredients. We had a sweet corn and vegetable soup, a cucumber salad, a Chinese Bhel (salad), savory pancakes, Manchurian, vegetable fried rice and a mixed vegetable dish. The icing on the cake was brownies for dessert.

_MOG7718 _MOG7760

_MOG7727 _MOG7744

_MOG7751 _MOG7753



_MOG7758 _MOG7719

TIP of the day: Make your food delicious. Its worth taking the time to learn to cook great whole plant based meals. It requires very little effort and its absolutely rewarding!

Day 10: Tuesday 14.6.2016

This morning, Capt Joseph Pinto took some participants on a slow walk up the hill. The road outside SwaSwara is a rather steep slope which has been a bit of a deterrent to some participants who feel they could not climb it. On Sunday when we went to Gokarna many were surprised that they could do the walk but others were less confident and took the car up the hill and then walked. Some had back pains and knee pains so this was understandable. This morning Capt took them slowly walking up the hill and they were surprised at themselves! They never thought they could do it but whats more, their pain’s improved or did not show up! Capt taught them special techniques.

In the morning session we examined the ingredients of our favourite packaged foods. We often prefer not to know what we are putting into our mouths because if we did we would never do it! This is why our supermarkets are full of junk. We choose this!

_MOG7559 _MOG7547

_MOG7556 _MOG7572

_MOG7573 _MOG7575

_MOG7576 _MOG7582

_MOG7583 _MOG7585

_MOG7587 _MOG7588


Another cooking class, yoga, walks and swimming session. Our day ended with a game session in the library.

TIP of the day: Always read the ingredients on your packaged foods. Don’t eat anything that you do not understand or cannot pronounce!

Day 9: Monday 13.6.2016

Today, Monday – time to take stock. We reported in writing what we thought our achievements and results of the first week were. Here is a summary. The number following describes how many reported it.

Exercise, Swimming, walking more than before 24
Have more energy 18
Reduced or stopped my medicines . (several people were not on medicines to start with so they are not included here) 18
Lost weight 17
Reduced aches and pains 9
Able to do yoga well 8
Skin looks better 7
Amazed at the quick healing of the body 6
BP lower 5
Stamina increased 5
Improved sleep 5
Food cravings for tea, coffee, oil reduced 4
Improved bowel movement 3
Menstrual pains, PMS, hot flushes  gone 3
Blood sugar much lower 2
Reduced body door 1
Cough gone completely 1
Waking up early 1

Emotionally stable, happy, calmer, more accepting, relaxed 29
Eating mindfully and hunger awareness 19
More confident of being able to do more 7
Listening to the body 12
Affirmations 5
Looking forwards to cooking oil free at home 5
Self love 3
Meditation 3
Digital detox 2

Not bad for just one week! In the morning we talked about reversing diabetes and hypertension two of the biggest lifestyle disease. In the evening after an amazing Thai cooking class and meal we watched Forks over Knives! Some photos of today.

_MOG7393 _MOG7394

_MOG7395 _MOG7399

_MOG7407 _MOG7408


_MOG7417 _MOG7432

_MOG7493 _MOG7505

_MOG7499 _MOG7504

 _MOG7509 _MOG7511

 _MOG7516 _MOG7508

_MOG7518 _MOG7414

TIP of the day: Listen to your body

Day 8: Sunday 12.6.2016

Today is a Sunday, a rest day. This morning we went to the nearby temple town of Gokarna. Most of us went walking. Some of us went the long Beach route. Others took the road. Either way it was a beautiful, picturesque walk. Depending on our ability we walked anywhere from 4 km to 14 km. After the long walk, many of us took a dip in the pool. We never imagined that we could walk as much as we did. We are not even too tired. Many of us found that the knee problems and joint problems that we had when we arrived have disappeared.

IMG_3003 IMG_3006

IMG_3007 IMG_3020

 IMG_3023 IMG_3024

 Rescuing-a-baby-bat IMG_3011

The_book_lover_finds-a-library _MOG7348


Lunch was a chaat feast, and for snacks we had delicious home made jackfruit ice cream. Dinner was pizza, pau bhajji baked potato ‘fries’ and more. All our favourite foods are being made in a healthy way by SwaSwara’s chefs with the able help of Mayavi. Despite our indulgences, today saw sugars and BP levels dropping even further and medicines needed to be reduced. Within one week, we have reduced so many medicines collectively!

Next week we will start participant cooking. We have been divided into groups, and each group will be making dinner for the rest of us. This is to make sure that everyone knows how to make delicious foods once we get home. Each group discussed and planned their own menus with our guidelines.

_MOG7349 _MOG7350

_MOG7364 _MOG7365

_MOG7374 _MOG7375

Group1 Calling-Home

After dinner, we had our dance night! A great end to a holiday.

Thanks to Reshma Pritam Singh for all these photos.

TIP of the day: Take time for yourself and de-stress.

Day 7: Saturday 11.6.2016

Today is the last day of the week. Time has flown quickly. It already feels as if we have been free of the tea and coffee withdrawls for quite a while now. Nothing like exercise and high quality food to cleanse. Our yoga classes, too, are very invigorating. And the group, as always, is very motivating. Walks, yoga done in groups is so much more enjoyable.

_MOG7292 _MOG7293

_MOG7294 _MOG7298_MOG7297 _MOG7302

_MOG7303 _MOG7307

Many diabetics love the fact that they can eat mangoes and and have green smoothies made from bananas and fresh greens and see their sugars drop. Some people found that when they eat only fruits rather than regular meals, they have more energy too. We also have several salads with every meal so that we eat more vegetables. And the results? A few people have already lost 3 kgs and many have lost 1kg or more already!

IMG_2968 IMG_2970

IMG_2987 IMG_2989

IMG_2991 IMG_2992

IMG_2993 IMG_2998

This morning we discussed how fat – refined fats as well as animal products (since they too are full of fat) is one of the big causes of all the modern day lifestyle diseases. We also discussed exercise and how to motivate ourselves to exercise every day.

Mayavi’s Italian cooking class was popular, as always, and we enjoyed salads, Minestrone soup, lasagna, bruschettas and pasta Arrabiata for dinner.  We ended the day with a TV program by Dr Sanjay Gupta on CNN, called The Last Heart Attack. Its available in You Tube and worth a watch.

TIP of the day: Eat only plants and start your day with fruits. (Never mix fruits with anything else except green leaves though!)

Day 6: Friday 10.6.2016

Our days are full of sharing, learning, nature walks, as well as enjoying good food. We have amazing green smoothies and organic fruits, especially mangoes every day. This morning we discussed food combining and nutrients. How on a whole food plant based diet we will only lack vitamin B12 and D, and how no other supplements are required. The reason we need vitamins B12 and D is also because of our modern lifestyles. Nandini talked about eating according to the hunger scale, rather than for other reasons.

_MOG7235 _MOG7236

_MOG7237 _MOG7244



Yoga, swimming, cooking classes etc etc. We are walking more and more and finding our energy levels more as we drop the medicines that we don’t need any more. Several participants expressed feeling much lighter now that they are free of medicines. We already have a few participants completely free from medicines in the very first week! Most others have reduced their medicines by half.

IMG_2946  IMG_2959

IMG_2958 IMG_2957

IMG_2949 IMG_2948


IMG_2959 Feasting_on_Mangoes_sugars_dropping

After dinner we watched Satyamevajayate on pesticides. It surprises me how easily we forget and go back to our old ways. Many people must have seen this (and if not you can still see it online), yet many are content to keep eating foods with pesticides which are actually poisons.

TIP of the day: Eat only organic foods

Day 5: Thursday 9.6.2016

This morning Capt Joseph Pinto introduced a class of water aerobics. This is especially good for those with weak knees as there is less weight on the knees. In the morning session we discussed milk and whole foods. Eating whole means no refined products like oil, white flour, white rice, sugar, jaggery, or even juices. We have smoothies instead of juices. Our sweeteners are dates and raisins and all our food is cooked without oil. We also don’t peel vegetables or fruits unless they can be peeled with our hands. Nandini demonstrated mindful eating practices which we practiced with a silent lunch.

Gratitude Journal1

IMG_2900[2] IMG_2891[2]


We had pani puris in the afternoon – this was a big hit with everyone. Its amazing that we can have all the things that we are used to, just healthier versions.

IMG_2914[2] IMG_2908[2]



going for a massage Aqua-Aerobics

Gratitude Journal

IMG_2894 IMG_2921[2]


The cooking class was about cheese and meat alternatives where Mayavi showed how to make bean burgers and different types of cheeses. Naturally this class was a big hit, and so was the dinner that followed.

In the evening we watched Victoria Boutenko’s “Is Raw Food for You?” The story of  Boutenko family’s health transformation through raw food.


The good thing is that many of our participants are sharing with their families back home about their results and their families have also started making the changes.

TIP of the day: Eat only whole foods.

Day 4: Wednesday 8.6.2016

We start our mornings with fruit and green smoothies. We have amazing buffet breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Although our food is totally whole and plant based we feel we are spoiled for choice. Here there are no packaged foods, not even ketchup or mustard. The food here is made from scratch, and that’s why its REAL FOOD. One of our particpants, a strict non vegetarian before coming here initially found it difficult. It was a small shock for her know that we do not even serve fish! Yet, today even she said that she would like to be vegan. We can feel the difference in our bodies and that speaks for itself.

Today two participants who gave up having big breakfasts, for just fruit breakfasts said that they had so much more energy! Today several participants decided to have just fruit for dinner, even though the dinner was so delicious.

This morning’s session was about the logic of plant based foods and why these are best for our species. Nandini did some powerful processes to help participants reconnect to their body.

We are also seeing the results of our efforts. One of our participants has stopped 9 tablets for diabetes! Many of them were multiple medications which means 2 medicines in one tablet! And her insulin dose has gone down from 36 units in a day to 18!  When we reduce medications (only as possible) the body heals fast. Her body is healing so fast on a whole plant based diet that her worry is having a hypoglycaemic (low blood sugar) attack. She has also stopped the BP medicines and her blood pressure is normal. Since she is no longer taking any medicines, she does not even need the two medicines for acidity, so these too have been stopped. This means that in this short time we have stopped 12 tablets! When we eat only the best fuel our bodies can really heal!

Not everyone heals a the same pace. There are others who are taking longer to heal. But everyone will see their bodies heal.

Here are some pictures from today.

Preparing_for_Yoga Nature_Trail_ending_by_ the sea

Nature_Trail_1 Young_people_learning_art

Interactive_Session Interactive_Session2


TIP of the day: Eat real food. Avoid packaged and processed foods that have a long shelf life. Foods with a long shelf life reduce ours.

Day 3: Tuesday 7.6.2016

Many of our participants are enthusiastic and go for walks in the morning at 5.30. The area is so beautiful, and walking in a group helps everyone meet their goals. Since the beginning of this program we have stopped tea and coffee. Some people have been suffering from this – headaches, nausea, diarrhoea, uneasiness but the clean food and the exercise and rest has minimised the withdrawl for many. Many participants had already done a one day seminar and had put much of it into practice. They had already stopped tea and coffee. They had released some medications even before arriving here. Here we have plenty of herbal teas and we can even make them in our rooms, so we get the satisfaction of having a hot drink in a cup without any of the bad effects of tea and coffee which are dehydrating, acidic, and raise both blood sugars and blood pressures. Movement and exercise also make us feel better.

Making_New_Friends Giving up Tea1

Giving up Tea2 Giving up Tea3 sharing_laughs_making_new_friends

Giving up Tea4_Kenya_Style Dance_dance Dance_Dance1

In the morning session we talked about the amazing healing power of our body and how medicines actually come in the way of healing. We have also actually witnessed it and many participants have been asked to reduce their medicines. We are checking everyone closely to be sure that this is done only when they improve.

We celebrated a birthday in the afternoon with an amazing raw cake. We ended the day with an inspiring film about Dr Lorraine Day’s recovery from breast cancer without the use of medicines. Dr Lorraine Day, an orthopaedic surgeon decided to heal herself and shared her 10 point plan to heal.

Birthday_celebrations_SHARAN Style Birthday_celebrations_SHARAN Style1

Birthday_celebrations_SHARAN Style2 Birthday_celebrations_SHARAN Style1b

Birthday_celebrations_SHARAN Style1a

TIP of the day: Stop Tea and Coffee and have herbal teas instead.

Day 2: Monday 6.6.2016

This morning started by doing everyone’s complete blood reports, along with their blood pressure, weight and height. The lab reports are essential to know where we are in our health and just what needs to be improved. All too often, in the past, our participant’s vitamin B12 and D levels were low. These essential vitamins may not be obtained through food and if they are low they must be supplemented. Lack of Vitamins B12 and D can cause so many problems including high BP and diabetes. Nowadays, a lot more doctors know this and many of our participants have already been given supplements by their doctors.

_MOG7006 _MOG7014

_MOG7050 _MOG7062


After some amazing organic mangoes and green smoothies, we had our yoga class, followed by breakfast. We are quickly settling into our routine.

In the morning we shared our personal healing experiences, as well as the disease reversal experienced by others. Then we set our personal goals and thought about what exactly we want to achieve in this program. If we are clear about what we want, we will all get there!

_MOG7067 _MOG7069

_MOG7070 _MOG7092_MOG7075 _MOG7101

_MOG7104 _MOG7105

The afternoon and evening routine here is cooking class, swimming, nature hikes and other optional activites. We ended the day with a film, May I Be Frank, the true story of Frank’s transformation physically, emotionally and spiritually. Worth a watch for anyone who finds this journey challenging.

TIP of the day: Do all your lab tests at least once a year, and more often if you are unwell. A test in time saves nine!

Day 1: Sunday 5.6.2016

At the beautiful SwaSwara, we are welcoming the guests, many who are coming from far. We have 33 guests from Nairobi, Dubai, London, USA, Portugal, as well as from Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Pathankot, Parbhani. We also have 5 facilitators – Nandini Gulati will be my co presenter, Dr Saravanan is helping with the patients, Mayavi Khandelwal is helping with the kitchen and doing the cooking classes as well as hikes, Capt Joseph Pinto will teach swimming and sports. We also have Reshma Singh for film and photography. All our facilitators have themselves benefitted from dietary changes. Mayavi Khandelwal has reversed her diabetes, hypertension and hypothyroid and lost 25kg. Reshma Singh has reversed diabetes and also lost weight.

 IMG_2808 IMG_2805

The group that we have is varied. We have a lot of participants with diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, obesity and hypothyroid. We also have people with PCOD, Crohns, coeliac, joint pains, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, tonsils and respiratory complaints, allergies, asthma, psoriasis, type 1 diabetes, acne, anaemia, history of cancers, acne etc. All of us are excited about getting healthy again.


Post dinner we had an introductory session in the evening to get a quick overview of all our participants, learn their names and welcome them.

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Thursday 2.6.2016

I am in Mumbai preparing for our 21-day Health Retreat at SwaSwara in Gokarna. I will be leaving in just 2 days! As usual, our retreat is house full.

Watch this 7 minute video to get a glimpse of what it will be like.


We will be doing everyone’s lab reports right in the beginning and end so that our participants can witness how their amazing bodies heal when put in the right environment. They will be enjoying amazing healthy food buffets every day along with a choice of activities – yoga classes, relaxing nature walks, hikes, swimming lessons, meditation, healthy cooking classes, films, art and much more. A holiday in nature, to reconnect to themselves, in the luxury of their own cottages at SwaSwara, nestled between the sea and the hills with spectacular views.

I will be sharing day by day blogs of our progress on www.sharan-india.org, SHARAN India Facebook page, and my own Facebook. For those of you who cannot come, I will be sharing one tip everyday that you can implement in this blog so that so that you too can watch your amazing body heal together with us.

We still have a few places left for our Sept 21-day 2016 retreat, and the earlybird ends on June 22nd. Please check this link for more details –  https://sharan-india.org/events/21-day-health-retreat/

Follow the updates from the Retreat participants in real-time on this Facebook hashtag: #SHARAN21day

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