Organic Stores

Dry & Fresh Provisions

  • Bio Basics
    Home delivery of organic dry grocery items, fruits, vegetables and chemical-free soaps, detergents and washing powders. Numerous traditional rice varieties and unpolished millets are part of the product offering. The team does free sessions on : “Know Your Food”
    Bommanapalayam Piruvu, Vadavalli.
    Tel: 9677610246, 9677640246

Dry Provisions

  • Ootta Natural Organic Store
    Products available: Organic- Finger millet, Pearl millet, Kodo millet, Foxtail millet, Little millet, Barnyard millet, Sorghum. Organic millet flakes, Traditional rice varieties, Pulses, lentils, palm jaggery, palm sugar.
    29, Ismail Ravuthar street, Coimbatore – 1.
    Tel: (0422) 8754997338.

Other Products

  • Vijay Organic Shop
    Natural organic ecofriendly refrigerator , Natural organic water filter and non stick earthen utensils are available.
    Near Government hospital, No:43 , Chairman Karuppannathevar street, Soolur – 641402.
    Tel: 9488591556, 9487216420.


  • Vijay Sweets
    100% plant based sweets
    Selvapuram, Coimbatore
    Tel: 9865534555

Eating Out

  • Nalan Restaurant
    Vegan options available.
    699, Kongu Nagar, (Opposite Alvernia School) Trichy Road, Ramanathapuram.
    Tel: 8754033503, 0422- 2323797.

  • Bhoomi Organic Farm
    Organic ladoos made with vegan ingredients are available.
    731, Chennimalai Road, Perundurai- 638052.