Auroville and Pondicherry

Organic Shops



  • Bon Appetit
    It is a great place for all kinds of organic dry provisions both Indian and imported. If you want those special ingredients that aren’t easily found here, you are likely to find it there.

    • 2/16, Ambour Salai, Chetty Street Cutting, Pondicherry – 605001.
      Tel: 413 2338165.
    • Bon Appetit, Kuilapalayam, close to the Auroville Bakery.
  • Foodlink
    ehind solar kitchen is a great place for Organic Auroville grown produce.
    Tel: 9486144072
  • PTDC and PTPS
    both have special sections with organic produce and dry stuff. Most of the produce grown in Auroville is organic, so look for Auroville fruits and vegetables. Its important to check or ask if you are particular that its organic.


  • Nilgiris
    Nilgiris in Pondy now has an organic section. Nilgiris is located on Mission street, soon after JN street if you are going from Auroville.
    No 19/23 Greenfield, Bouleward Near Mission Street Cutting, Rangapillai Street, Pondicherry.
  • Sri Sri Organic
    Organic grocery items available, Home delivery also available between 10.30 am to 7 pm on order above Rs 750.
    No 39, 1 st Main road, Lakshmi nagar, Saram, Pondicherry.
    Tel. 9791567020.


  • Orgoland
    Orgoland in Pondicherry is a great place to get organic fresh produce and they also stock some dry produce. For the fresh produce its better to give an order a few days in advance. They provide vegetables mainly by order. If you happen to drop in you may get some left overs. They are closed on certain days and do have timings that change so call before you go. Orgoland is under Penguin Xerox. As you enter MG Road, at the second left you will see a big sign for Penguin Xerox. Just below there is a green colored tiny shop. That’s it! They are only open till 5 pm and not open every day so call before going and preferably order your vegetables in advance.
    Tel: 9940740526.
  • Krishna’s Organic Farm
    Has fresh and dry provisions
    At KVK Market & Nursery near Rajiv Gandhi Statue, ECR, Pondicherry.
    Sat 10 am – 5 pm, Sunday 10 am – 1pm
    At Satsanga Restaurant, Pondicherry Saturday 3.30 – 6 pm
    Home deliveries of organic fruits and vegetables on prior order – on Wednesdays – 9600042507

Eating Out

  • Ayurvedic Centre in Auroville
    Delicious, cooked vegan meals with very little oil. Advance booking is needed and should be at least before 10am on the day you wish to eat). Run by Dr Rajesh and his wife Deepa, just opposite La Ferme.. Available only during the Auroville ‘season’.
    Call Deepa +91-9442144061 for booking a lunch only for hospital patient.. (Call Rajesh 9443344061 for Ayurvedic treatments)
  • Chandani’s Restaurant
    Vegan, organic, fresh lunch from the farm every day, Just let them know you want vegan incase they have used ghee somewhere.
    Solitude, Auroville.
  • Dharma Swasti
    Healthy, vegan food with some raw dishes. Partially organic.
    Kuilapalayam to Auroville Main Road, Auroville.
    Tel: 9629351031.
  • Energy Home
    Raw vegan meals, all kinds of milks and milk shakes based on coconut milk, and loads of cooking ideas for healthy meals. Do note that they add honey to some of their dishes- so let them know your preference; few organic dry provisions, ragi, bajra sevai, all kinds of flakes and herbal coffees and teas as well as a range of health books and healthy sweets.
    Chetty Street (between Mission Street and Canal (Arbour Salai) in Pondicherry.
  • Green’s Guesthouse
    No 180/2 Auroville Main Road, Edaiyanchavadi, Auroville.
    Tel: 04132622299
  • Le Yuka Cafe
    Has vegetarian and vegan dishes
    2nd Floor, Roof Top, 97, Eswaran Dharmaraja Kovil St, Heritage Town, Puducherry
    Tel: 093442 24650
  • Maiyam (Past Food)
    Organic vegan south Indian foods are available
    Kuilapalayam to Auroville Road, Tamil Nadu
    Tel: 09901665111
  • Mother’s House
    An ashram guest-house in Pondicherry serves healthy vegan lunches. Booking is essential. Inform them at least a day before or early morning of the same day. Regina who runs it is also a health food and exercise enthusiast.
    Tel: (0413) 2220337.
  • Satchitananda
    Serves delicious raw vegan set meals on weekdays and Saturdays. Check beforehand for Sundays and evenings. Dinners are served in the season.
    Kottakarai near the Ganesh Bakery in Auroville.
    Tel: 7639655833.
  • Besides these, you can find plenty of vegetarian options in La Terrasse but you must check what is vegan. Roma’s Kitchen will let you know all the dishes that they can prepare vegan if you ask, and Visitor’s Centre has a regular vegan salad and could veganise the healthy plate but its important to stress that it should be vegan or you may end up with something you don’t want. They also serve vegan pizzas. Tantos has a vegan pizza and also may have vegan pastas and are happy to let you know what’s vegan. Much of the food in Aurolec Cafeteria is vegan but, again, ask. Well Paper Café has a few vegan selections. Farm Fresh often has a vegan cake and also has several vegan dishes on its menu. The more you stress that you want vegan the more options we will find, so its all up to you. Both the Auroville Bakery and Ganesh Bakery have vegan bakes often. You will also almost always find something vegan at all Auroville eateries, just ask to make sure it’s vegan. Aurovelo on the road to Ediavanchavady from Certitude has a great vegan selection. Dreamers Café at Visitor’s Centre has some amazing vegan desserts, and snacks. The Banyan Tree Restaurant in Ediavanchavady has a great vegan selection. Mark’s Café, opposite Olive Guest house has a few vegan treats. Brother’s Pizzeria has a vegan selection and their vegan calazone is recommended. Happy Food can make vegan plates. There is an amazing Korean restaurant, Goyo, which requires prior bookings and serves a silent lunch 3 times a week – call Wonja – 9489693809 to book. While most of the food is vegan its best to mention that you are vegan at the time of booking. Naturellement also has a Garden Restaurant with a few vegan dishes. Bread and Chocolate in Kuilapalayam has a vegan menu if you ask for it but you do have to make a special request.
  • Mission Café
     near Nilgiris has a few vegan options.
  • Veganza
    Plant based Burgers, Sandwiches, Smoothies, Ice creams, Salads, Juices are available.
    Time: 8 am to 10 pm
    No.5, Auroville Main Road, Kuilapalayam
    Tel: 9790770330
  • Vegan Zeals
    41, Thiyagaraja St, Heritage Town, Puducherry
    Tel: 099942 99032

Ready Made And Catering

  • Aurosoya in Auroville
    Has a range of vegan products like tofu, smoked tofu, vegan muesli, soya milk and some cakes. These are available in Aurosoya as well as various Auroville outlets. They are even starting with Soya yoghurt!
    Tel: 0413-2623809
  • Mason Chocolate
    Vegan organic chocolates are available, Available at: Auroville: Farm Fresh, Food Link, Pour Tous, Happy Foods, Food Dome. Pondicherry: Promenade, Casablanca, Farm Fresh, Grinde.
    Fraternity, Auroville, Vanur Taluk, Villipuram District, Tamil Nadu 605101.
    Tel: 9159838625.

Where To Go

  • Sadhana Forest
    it is an amazing sustainable vegan community which accepts volunteers in exchange for accommodation. It’s a great place to learn about lots of vegan options and they have a tour of their sustainable community every Friday, which is followed by a movie and dinner, open to all and free. (You are welcome to make a donation). The movies are usually listed in the News & Notes or you can call and ask.
    Tel: 2677682 / 2677683/ 2902655.