Short Talks by SHARAN Advisors


Health Talks

Would you like to organize free short talks for schools, colleges, corporates, hospitals or other groups? For a minimum of 50 people, Dr Nandita Shah is willing to do free introductory talks on any of the topics below, during her visits to your area.


Dr Nandita Shah has been practicing homeopathy in India for over 33 years. She believes each of us can be our own best doctor most of the time. For the past 8 years, she has presented the Peas vs Pills workshops in India and worldwide to over 5000 participants inspiring others to make dietary and lifestyle changes resulting in positive health. She also conducts specific health workshops about Reversing Diabetes and Reversing Heart Disease and Hypertension as well as corporate workshops.


Being a homeopath, the mind and body connection has always been an integral part of her work. With her work in health and nutrition she has seen many participants make changes that have enabled them to reach their highest potential, not just in their physical health but in their emotional and spiritual well being.


We also have SHARAN representatives who can conduct talks in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Wardha and in Tamil Nadu, who would be able to speak for smaller audiences.


To have a talk organized in your area, please send details of the group and your needs to


Farm Animal Rights Talks

More details coming soon